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Uganda Crafts 2000 ltd is a Fair Trade Craft wholesaler that welcomes trade and orders with Fair Trade and non Fair Trade organisations.  We only trade in Fair Trade products with the price remaining fair for the artisan no matter the trading partner.  We reserve the right to choose trade and orders with trading partners that we feel will benifit our artisans.  Any trade or order that jeopardises our artisans will not be entered into by our organisation.  It is our main aim to prioritise our artisans and their income over amassing profit for our organisation.

We would encourage Fair Trade organisations and non Fair Trade organisations that wish to import our products and to label our products as Fair Trade to satisfy us and themselves that they abide by Fair Trade principles.  We believe in transparency and accountablity and we allow trading partners access to information on all aspects of our business. We encourage trading partners to do the same.

Uganda Crafts 2000 prides itself on its professionalism and its export experience.  We  offer quality control, design advice, tagging labour, packaging labour, proper Fair Trade sourcing and administration. We offer advice to buyers and recommend suitable time periods for how long an order will take.  We are happy to meet deadlines on time and if we  foresee problems with the artisans meeting deadlines or materials we notify the trading partner immediately.

With all orders from either Fair Trade of non Fair Trade trading partners we will require a signed purchase order and production will begin on receipt of a 50% advance payment on the total order. (Production begins on the first Friday after a payment has been made). We pay our artisans the full price they ask for on the day they bring the product so we need 50% in order to pay them at once. Uganda Crafts 2000 offers no credit to trading partners.  We usually receive the balance 50% when the order is in transit or by some companies on receipt of the goods.  Our organisation must receive this final payment no more than four months after a frieght shipment has been made or no more than 50 days after an air shipment has been made. If the trading partner has terms that differ to these then these must be agreed by both parties before the purchase order is signed.

Once goods are handed over to the shipper Uganda Crafts 2000 are no longer responsible for them and we urge all trading partners to closely monitor the shipping and shipping agents progress to ensure the safe and prompt arrival of their goods.  This applies regardless of whether Uganda Crafts 2000 has recommended the shipper or not.

We ask trading partners to let us know if the order will be sold on to another party or retailed directly through a network of their stores.

F.O.B. Wholesale prices are quoted by Uganda Crafts 2000 ltd taking into account the current prices asked the artisans and the expected expenditure that will be encured by Uganda Crafts 2000 in exporting an order.  If the artisans demand for more money during  the order Uganda Crafts will incur that cost for that order and will not pass this cost on to the trading partner.  However in a consecutive order the price of the former product may change to encorporate the additional costs that will be expected in the new order.  We ask  trading partners to be patient and understanding with us if this occurs.

Any F.O.B. Wholesale price quoted by us will include bulk packaging of the products so that the products are ready for shipping and tagging with trading partners tags if requested.  All individual packaging of products where the packaging is not provided physically by the trading partner is not included in any F.O.B. Price quoted by Uganda Crafts 2000.
Uganda Crafts 2000 like the world to hear the stories of our artisans.  To avoid disappointment, if a trading partner requires personal information on the artisan or artisans that are making the products or photographs, we urge them to seek this information at the purchase order point of interaction with our company.  Personal information and photographs will be difficult to obtain after an order is completed.  It is our experience that artisans give limited responses to questions such as yes and no so we strongly advise that any fact finding questionaires be as detailed as possible so that the trading partner will get the best possible information from the artisan.  The answers given by the artisans will be translated into English in cases where they do not speak English by a member of staff.      Answers given by artisans may be truthful or not but Uganda Crafts 2000 will not tamper with any answers given in forms.  Please ensure that you provide a deadline for when this information should be received by your offices.

We agree that any designs introduced to us from trading partners be kept exclusively for that trading partner.  We will not sell that product to another trading partner until the term of exclusiveity expires.  However any rejected products will find their way into the local market and we are not responsible if products are copied by others at this point. There is no copyright law in Uganda that protects the rights of the designer and we are powerless to stop copy cats.

Revised Wholesale Policy 2008.

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